A message from Karen Andolina Scott, Executive Director, Journey's End Refugee Services

At Journey's End Refugee Services, it has been our mission to welcome refugees without regard to ethnic origin or creed and to assist them to become healthy, independent, contributing members of the community. For over 30 years we have had the privilege of serving some of the world's most vulnerable and we feel blessed that they have offered us their friendship and wisdom, expanding our understanding of the world, even though it is not their duty to do so.

We are staunchly opposed to any change in the refugee resettlement program, which turns our backs on refugees from around the world at the very time when they are most in need of safety. Ending resettlement of Syrian refugees and narrowly preferencing religious minorities is religious discrimination and must be decried as such. This type of change sends the wrong message about who we are as a country, and our values as a people. Moreover, this religious discrimination will have actual, negative, and often life-threatening consequences for humans around the world. As we face the largest refugee crisis of our generation, it is more important than ever that the United States uphold its foundational values of hospitality and compassion by continuing to meet our national and international obligations to welcome and resettle refugees.

We stand with our refugee brothers and sisters, those who are in refugee camps and urban situations seeking protection, and those who are here and desperately waiting to be reunited with their family members overseas. We will continue to welcome and embrace refugees as our coworkers, neighbors, friends, business owners, community leaders, proud American citizens, and voters.

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Refugee Services - About Us

Journey's End Refugee Services, Inc. is a Christian community-based organization with the mission of welcoming refugees without regard to ethnic origin or creed and to assist them to become healthy, independent, contributing members of the community.

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Refugee Services - Volunteer

Volunteers are invaluable members of the Journey’s End family who work together with our staff and board to help our refugee clients become self-sufficient and contributing members of the Buffalo community. Compassionate volunteers make a meaningful difference in the lives of their new neighbors, and the entire community flourishes when volunteers are an integral part of the refugee resettlement process.

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Refugee Services - Services

Journey's End's clients come from a variety of backgrounds and have a range of needs when they arrive. Some only need basic assistance while others have a deeper need in several different areas. We provide support, advocacy and orientation for all our clients, whatever the need.

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