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Journey's End Client Builds New Life from Bottom Up

Posted on 07/29/11

Leh Play Htoo washes dishes for a living, sometimes finishing his shift at one restaurant and riding the bus across Buffalo to wash dishes at another.

He's happy to have the work. Htoo is one of Buffalo's recent immigrants, arriving in 2010 after his family fled their Burmese village and he spent 11 years in a Thai refugee camp.

Dishwashers occupy the lowest rung on the staff charts of most restaurant kitchens, often working for a… Read More

Journey's End Staffer: "HuffPost's Greatest Person of the Day"

Posted on 06/30/11

There is a very nice article on Dominic at the following link. It recounts his experience of flying his home country as a child; living in a refugee camp for many years; his adjustment to life in the United States; and finally his motivation in starting a school for Sudanese children back home.

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Journey's End Staffer Featured in CS Monitor Article

Posted on 06/22/11

This summer, Buffalo, N.Y.-based Dominic Deng Diing will visit his New Hope school in South Sudan. He hopes to construct a sister secondary school by 2015, and is aiming to raise $400,000. Read the article here.


Congratulations Dominic!

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WNY Flash Donates Soccer Balls for World Refugee Day Soccer Tournament

Posted on 06/16/11

WNY Flash the league leaders of Women's Professional Soccer donated 12 new balls for the weekend's WRD Soccer Tournament. Journey's End and BIREC greatly appreciate the support for more information on WNY Flash please visit their website.


About the WNY Flash

The WNY Flash joined Women’s Professional Soccer as an… Read More

Buffalo Spree's Piece on Journey's End

Posted on 06/15/11

Buffalo Spree has a nice article on Journey's End in their June City Guide column. Be sure to check it out at this link.

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KC's Fitness Supports World Refugee Picnic

Posted on 06/14/11

We would like to thank KC's fitness for being the water sponsor for the 2011 World Refugee Day Picnic this Saturday June 18, 2011.


KC's Fitness has continuously sought to improve the health and well-being of those in our community through sponsorships and partnerships with neighborhood organizations such as the Fight Back Program for inner-city teenagers, a facet of the Refugee Tutoring Project in Buffalo.  The gym's facilities… Read More

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