Journey's End offers Adult ESL classes, Academic Coaching through the Refugee School Impact Program (RSIP) in partnership with Buffalo Public Schools, as well as a high school equivalency program, Making a Connection (MAC), designed to address the needs of refugee students ages 16-26. Learn more about our education programs below!

ADULT ESL CLASSES (ECC Pathways to Success)
These classes focus primarily on conversational English. The goal is to improve speaking skills and help students engage with the surrounding community. We offer low-intermediate and high-intermediate level adult ESL classes.
WHO: Adult English Language Learners
WHERE: Journey's End Refugee Services (2495 Main St, Ste 530)
WHEN: Monday-Thursday; 9AM-12PM

RSIP bridges the cultural and linguistic gap that exists between refugee families and schools and provides children with academic and social supports to aid in the promotion of success. The Refugee School Impact Program is designed to ease the transition of refugee children into the Buffalo Public School system and to empower parents to be effective partners in the education of their children. RSIP provides services to refugee students in Buffalo Public Schools, grades K-12, and their families.

Services Provided
Academic Coaching
Our multi-lingual academic coaches provide a wide range of services to refugee students, their parents and the schools. These services include mentoring, advocacy, counseling, tutoring, problem-solving, mediation, in-class support assistance, parent-teacher conferences, homework assistance and crisis intervention.

Translation and Interpretation
Our academic coaches can meet your translation needs for various languages, including Arabic, Burmese, Karen, Mai-Mai, Somali, and Swahili.

Orientation Services
  • Welcome To Our Schools Family Orientation
    A monthly meeting aimed towards parents whose children have just entered school (Grades K-12) to learn about the American school system and to have their questions answered by our academic coaches and program staff.
  • Cross-Cultural Seminar for Schools
    A free training session provided to schools and administrators who would like to learn more about refugee issues and how to better accommodate their needs.

A four-week program runs during the summer months to help orientate newly arrived students to the American school system. The program focuses on English language acquisition, classroom orientation and introduction to American curriculum, schedules, and activities. The program is run in conjunction with the Buffalo Public Schools Jumpstart Program and also in partnership with WNY Americorps and Houghton College.

The Math Enrichment Spring Break Workshop
The workshop is held during the district's spring break vacation. Students in grades 3-12 are assessed and placed in groups according to their math abilities. Small group instruction is provided by program staff. The workshop serves up to 90 students.

Making a Connection (MAC) is an educational and employment readiness program designed specifically to address the unique needs of refugee students in Buffalo, New York. MAC is a High School Equivalency program based on the TASC and New York State curriculum. MAC offers an alternative option to achieving one’s educational, vocational and employment goals through classroom instruction, ESL classes, employment training, internship placements and community service opportunities. Individualized services are provided according to the student’s interests, skills, learning styles, English language abilities and personal goals. Prior to program completion students and staff design individualized Transition Plans, outlining goals and steps needed to become a productive and active member of their community.
WHO: English language learners ages 16-26
WHERE: Journey's End Refugee Services (2495 Main St, Ste 530)
WHEN: Monday-Thursday; 9AM-3:30PM
MAC Program follows BPS district calendar for holidays and closings.

WHO: All English language learners (ages 16+) interested in enrolling in any classes listed above
WHERE: Journey's End Refugee Services (2495 Main St, Ste 530)
WHEN: Fridays at 10AM 
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