Buffalo Refugee Child care Microenterprise Project

Increasing economic self-sufficiency through home-based child care.


Together with the Child Care Resource Network, Journey’s End provides professional child care training, microenterprise development classes, and other resources to help refugees start up family child care businesses. The Buffalo Refugee Child Care Microenterprise Project is an exciting program designed to help refugees attain economic self-sufficiency by establishing licensed FCC businesses, to help refugees gain access to licensed FCC businesses, and to assist refugees in learning how to navigate mainstream child care services.

This project is a big step toward increasing economic self-sufficiency for women in the local refugee community and creating stable child care options for other working families. Refugees, SIV holders, and asylees* residing in the United States for less than 5 years and are interested in starting a family child care business are encouraged to apply!

 *The date on which asylum was granted will be considered the date of entry for asylee applicants.


Journey’s End is committed to the success of this project and the program manager will happily do an information session, or a program application drive if you are a local service provider serving the eligible community members!

For more information and to apply, please contact:

Mackenzie Hafner, Program Manager

716-882-4963 ext. 209