Journey's End Interpretation & Translation Services provide the professional interpretation services necessary for doing business in a global society. 

Our services are ideal for health care institutions, human services organizations, educational entities, government agencies and legal offices.

The Journey’s End Interpreting Team (Katlyn, Shakira, and Sarah)

The Journey’s End Interpreting Team (Katlyn, Shakira, and Sarah)


Why work with an interpreter?

  • To facilitate understanding and bridge cultural and linguistic barriers.

  • To ensure excellent quality of care and develop a rapport with your LEP (Limited English Proficient) clients

  • To comply with Federal Executive Order 13166 (if applicable) which requires certain entities to provide free language access services.

  • To communicate effectively and efficiently with patients/clients, avoiding costly follow-up sessions.

  • To show compassion for LEP individuals.


I refer Journey’s End Interpreting Services because the communication and coordination is so easy.
— Service Coordinator, Erie County Department of Health




New Customer?

Email to get started!

Already a Customer?

Once a customer, it's easy to schedule an interpreter. Go to our online platform, Aqua Schedules, to create your requestor account and start scheduling interpreters today.

Alternatively, you can request an interpreter through an email sent to Include the date, time, language requested, contact name and phone number, and location of service and we will set up your requested appointment.

Document Translation

To receive a quote for document translation, send an email with the formatted document you would like translated to: Include the language(s) you would like the document translated into, a contact name and phone number, billing information, and any other relevant information or questions.

Quality of interpretation improved once we started working with Journey’s End. 
— Clinic Coordinator, Northwest Buffalo Community Health Care Center

Provider Trainings & Workshops

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Provider Training: Working with an Interpreter

Interpreting & Translation Services staff can provide a free, customizable training session for your staff to learn tips for working with an interpreter effectively. Trainings can be held at your place of business during a staff meeting, lunch hour, or whenever it best meets your needs.


Language Access Plan Workshop Session

If your organization doesn’t currently utilize interpreters or provide services to limited English speakers, or simply would like to expand your language access services, we can help. Contact us to learn more about our Language Access Plan workshop sessions. We can help you create a custom Language Access Plan that works for your organization’s specific needs and budget. Should a service provider encounter a client with limited English proficiency, a language access plan roadmaps exactly what tools and procedures are in place to enable effective and efficient communication.


Cultural Competency Training

Description coming soon!

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